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MissChroma Commissions NSFW and SFW


Hi! I’m MissChroma and I an an aspiring artist chasing my dream freelance career.

✓ Manga and Anime Fantasy Semi-realism
✓ Real people, Original characters, Fan Characters, Fan Art
✓ Any kind of interaction e.g. Friendship, Romance, Sex, Rivalry, Fight
✓ Any purpose e.g. Gift, Book cover, Promotional material, Concept design, Decorative
✓ Characters in any Genders, Sexualities, Ages, Races (
✓ Straight and Gay romance,Erotica (Yaoi,Yuri,Hentai)
✓ Conceptual and Slice of life scenes
✓Animals, Fantasy and Mythological creatures e.g. Demons, Mermaids, Angels, Horror creatures Zombies, Mutants, Were-animals, Kenomomimi, Cute monsters and Mascots

Commisions Types


Chibi option presents a character in a super deformed form where they’re stylized to have a big head and be overall cute. Chibis are adorable and can become a great gift for your friend or a solution to present a comic situation in simple, funny way.
Available in PENCIL or COLOR

Portrait option shows a character from shoulders up, with focus on their face features, expressions and face-hair details.
Available in PENCIL or COLOR

Full Body

Full body is a picture of a full body of a character, allowing by that for a full presentation of their outfit and for more composition and movement freedom
Available in PENCIL or COLOR, SINGLE or 2characters, SFW or NSFW variants .


Waist Up

Wait up presents character from their waist up to their head, It’s great to show interaction between characters.You can use it for visual novel / or as a book cover.
Available in PENCIL or COLOR, SINGLE or 2characters, SFW or NSFW variants .


All of the prices apply to one piece of artwork.
2characters" option means the pictures of two interacting characters; the second character always costs less than the first one (pictures of two completely separate characters are counted as two different artworks. Does not apply to Illustrations, those allow for multiple characters in one picture.
Pencil" option means monochrome pencil artworks
Color” option means fully colored mixed media artworks
Currently I’m OPEN for accepting orders

Pencil: 20€
Color: 30€
Pencil: € 20
Color: € 40
Pencil: €20
Color: €35
2CHARACTERS Pencil: +50%
2CHARACTERS Color: +50%
★Full Body
Pencil: €30
Color: €40

2CHARACTERS Pencil: +50%
2CHARACTERS Color: +50%
NSFW:  +€10
Commercial Rights: +50%

“Okay, I want to commission you. How do I do that?“
It is really simple.

All you have to do is to send me an e-mail to:

The message should contain:
Commission types
Your name or nickname
Subject’s description, which is:
characters/scene/objects. Outfit, personality, poses, mood/feel of the picture, background, any extra information I may need to draw your picture right.

After sending me an e-mail with the details of your order, I will respond, confirming I got the message  We will validate the details and pricing.

I’ll start to drawing your commission when i’m done, I’ll send you the rought sketch.
Important! I will send you my PayPal after you confirm  the rought sketch.   This is the exact time that you send me the full payment.  
When your payment is accounted for, I will send you another message confirming that everything is in order and I continue working on your commission.

When your picture is finished, I shall send you the full sized version

Smaller versions of these pictures, watermarked and with appropriate credits.
I have the right (to upload into my galleries (dA, tumblr, Y!gallery etc.) as a portfolio and promotional material. This rule does not apply to customers who bought full copyrights of the picture.

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